Double Trouble

Turtle Close Up

Palestine Sunbird in Action

Black-Winged Kite

Sunflower in the Winter

Flamingo Overhead!

Bee at Work

Ladybug on Plant


Spoonbill at Work

Back-lighted Greater Spotted Eagle in Flight

Gull in the Mirror


White Wagtail Reflection

Bluethroat Closeup

Little Grebe Stare

Grey Crowned Crane Couple

Grey Crowned Crane

Mixed Formation

From a Kingfishers Perspective

Great Grey Heron in Flight

Common Blue Butterfly up Close

Fly Up Close

Black-Winged Stilt Reflection

Grey Heron with Huge Catch

The Glorious Palestine Sunbird

Hoopoe - our National Bird

Redshanks in Flight

Zebras at Sunrise

Young Baboon in Flight

Duck in Water

Yin and Yang

White Wagtail in a Pond

A Pair of Crested Larks

Gull in Flight over Water

Ladybug in Action

Pelicans at the Lake

Glossy Ibis Rainbow

Giraffe Portrait

Remember the Spring

Common Kestrel Posing

Pelicans in the Air

Emerging from the Water

European Stonechat

Dancing in the Air

Dragonfly Couple

Black-Winged Kite in Flight

Agame Couple

Pelican Landing

Common Kingfisher on a Wire