Glossy Ibis Rainbow

Glossy Ibis Rainbow

The Glossy Ibis usually looks dark and colorless (but her frame is elegant and beautiful nonetheless). When the lighting is right, her full magnificence comes into view - light breaks off her feathers in multiple colors of the rainbow, making for a splendid view. Here we have a view of a Glossy Ibis about to land with some darker background, enabling us to see the full beauty of her wings.

What do I like about this photo? The lighting is great, enabling us to view the colors as is rarely possible. The pose of the bird is also interesting.

What would I have liked to improve? Sharpness could be improved. This is partially being caused by lack of light, which forced me to use higher sensitivity (ISO) than I would have liked, and also because of the distance, which caused me to crop the photo a bit more than is optimal. Also, if the background were a bit more uniform the bird would stand out even more.

What do you think? Anything you like about this picture particularly? Any suggestions for improvement?