Pelicans in the Air

Pelicans in the Air

There were lots of Pelicans in the sky this week, with their majestic flight patterns and elegant, seemingly effortless gliding. Against the clouds, the view becomes even more impressive. In this photo I managed to catch a few of these beautiful birds with the cloud pattern behind them.

What did I do right? I like the mood in this picture. I think the composition works pretty well with the Pelicans standing out against the interesting background provided by the cloudy sky. I used a fast shutter speed to freeze the Pelicans in the air.

What would I want to improve? The lighting is not ideal in this frame, I believe. I would have loved more details of the Pelicans, for them to be a bight lighter in color. Arguably, a camera with a larger sensor might have enabled this, but then I'd be breaking my back carrying that camera and the appropriate lens.

Overall I'm happy with this picture. What do you think?