Female Common Kestrel

"Bee-Eater after Sunset" is going to New York!

Haifa Bahai Temple, Take II


Stilt Reflection

Haifa Bahai Temple

"Stilt Reflection" selected to be published on

"Busy Bee" published in

"Swallowtail on Flower Portrait" is going to Budapest!

Kingfisher in Flight

Common Terns

Waves at Sunset

One of Many

Autumn Reflection

"Passo di Giao" featured in

"Novy God in Moscow" appeared in PhotoPlus magazine!

Mossy Rock by the Sea

Bee-Eater Sideways Look

Palestine Sunbird Portrait

"Oranges" featured in

Wasp on Yellow Flower

Housefly Eyes

"Common Kingfisher" is going to Berlin!

Black-Winged Kite Eye Contact

Butterfly Extreme Closeup

Butterfly Closeup

Itsy Bitsy Spider

Ladybug Closeup

Bee Up Close

"Kingfisher on a Tree" is going to Barcelona!


Tern Feeding Frenzy

"Red Square at Night" published at

Grape Leaf

Housefly on Windshield

"Male Common Kestrel Portrait" published in

"Bee Eater Portrait" is going to Berlin!

"Novy God in Moscow" is going to Hanoi!

Three Stilts

Beach Before Sunset

Turtle at Ground Level

Pelican Feeding

Pelicans Pelicans Pelicans!

"Elephant Crossing" is going to Stockholm!

Striated Heron

Leaf Warbler

Common Kingfisher Swallowing a Dragonfly

Common Myna

Golden Jackal

Common Kingfisher