Soft-Shell Turtle

"Colorful Couple" is going to Barcelona!

Palestine Sunbird on a Branch

Graceful Prinia Close-Up

Magnificent Takeoff


Licking the Lips

White-Tailed Eagle

"Common Kestrel in Flight" is going to Athens!

Bee-Eater Catching a Butterfly

Eagle and Eaglet

Butterfly on Flower

Incredible Colors of Spring

Taking Off, Have Food

A Couple of Ladybugs

Eye Level

Common Kingfisher on a Branch

Hungry Angel

Painting with Waterdrops

Graceful Prinia and Fruit

Making the Next Generation

A Couple of Bee-Eaters

"Pied Kingfisher Acrobatics" is going to Ljubljana!

"Butterfly on Flower" is going to Berlin!

Dew and the Snail

Pied Kingfisher on the Way Down

A Couple of European Goldfinches

Hoopoe Portrait

Orange Butterfly, Yellow Flower

Heron Fishing - moment II

Heron Fishing - moment I

European Bee-Eater Portrait

Agame Hiding in Plain Sight

Sardinian Warbler

The Little Tenor

Rainbow Wings

Bee-Eater Discussion


Snake Eagle in Flight

Dragonfly on Flower

Old World Swallowtail

Hoopoe with Catch

Perfect Camouflage

... And I'm Back

European Bee-Eaters

Look what I caught!

Shiny Golden Bee

"Goat Portrait" is going to Berlin!

"Birds on a Wire" is going to Amsterdam!