Graceful Prinia Amongst the Flowers

Damselfly on the Tip

Common Kestrel in Flight Making Eye Contact

White Butterfly on Yellow Flower

Dew in the Morning

"Common Sandpipers Splashing" is going to Vienna!

Common Kestrel Full Wing Spread

Tiny Cricket Close Up

Detailed Fly

Upside Down

Common Kestrel Taking Off

Sharing the Air

Butterfly Close-Up

Griffon Vulture Eye Contact

White-Throated Kingfisher through Yellow Flowers

White-Tailed Eagle

"Stonechat on Thorns" is going to Athens!

Griffon Vulture Preparing for Landing

Shiny Hairy Caterpillar

Flock of Gulls

Glossy Ibis Dance Moves

"Zebras at Dawn" is going to be printed in "Digital Photographer Magazine"

"Incredible Himalayas" is going to be features in "Better Photography Magazine"

Coypu (Nutria) in the Water

Egyptian Goose Family II

Common Kestrel in Flight, take II

Common Kestrel in Flight

Flamingo Kiss

"White-Throated Kingfisher on the Wires" is going to Milan!

Transparent Butterfly

"Birds on a Wire" is going to Las Vegas!

Spring is Coming

Dreamy Common Moorhen

Western Jackdaw

Shy Young Gazelle

Black Storks on the Beach

Butterfly on Thorns

A Match Made In Heaven

Black-Shouldered Kite in Flight

Kestrel in the Fields

Graceful Prinia Singing

Eight Goslings

Egyptian Goose Family

Pied Kingfisher Full Spread

Stilt Minimalism

" Kingfisher Blues" to be Published in "Digital Camera Magazine"

Spring is Nearing...

Common Kingfisher Head-On!

"Pied Kingfisher Diving for Fish" is going to be showcased at an exhibition!