Elephant Babushka


Dragonfly in the Air

Giving a Speech

Damselfly in the Sunlight

Bee-Eater Closeup Portrait

Yellow Power

Dragonfly Frontal Portrait

African Queen Portrait

Housefly Closeup

Chameleon on Our Tree!

Bee-Eater - True to its Name

"Kingfisher on a Wire" is going to Athens!

Fighting over a Butterfly...

"Zebras at Dawn" was published in Dodho magazine

"Hornbill Taking Off" is going to Amsterdam!

"Pied Kingfisher Diving for Fish" is going to Berlin!

Egret Portrait

Dragonfly Closeup

You Shall Not Pass!

Aging Butterfly

Busy Bee

White-Throated Kingfisher at our Bedroom Window

Owl with Catch

Monkeys at Play

Huge Monitor Lizard

Feast of Light

A Trio of Bee-Eaters

Kudu Eating

Crocodile Approaching

Elephants Crossing

African Starling in Natural Frame

Vulture on Branch

Dragonfly in the Sun

Red-Billed Hornbill

"Double Bee-Eater Portrait" is going to Venice!

Elephants at Sunset

Hyena with Cubs

A Pair of Fish Eagles

Golden Giraffes

None Shall Pass!

Lilac-Breasted Roller Taking Off

Orange Butterfly on White Flower

European Bee-Eater on a Branch

Palestine Sunbird in Flight

Bulbul in Flight

Common Kestrel Attacking

Butterfly and Flower

A Tale of Five Bee-Eaters