Greater Spotted Eagle Overhead

Long-Legged Buzzard in Flight

White-Throated Kingfisher

Lesser Spotted Eagle

Long-Legged Buzzard

Little Grebe Reflection

Northern Lapwing

Greater Spotted Eagle Incoming

Common Chaffinch

Eastern Imperial Eagle

Long-Legged Buzzard Eye Contact

Dragonfly Takeoff

A Pair of Lapwings

Black-Winged Kite in Flight


Sunbird Portrait

Pelican Trio Landing

Common Kingfisher with Frog

Greater Spotted Eagle in the Rain

Long-Legged Buzzard

"Black and Light" is going to Athens, Greece!

Egret at the Sea

The Maestro Landing

Female Common Kestrel in Flight

Back-lighted Crab

Intimate Duck Portrait

Common Kingfisher Wingspread

"European Bee-Eater Caught a Cosmopolitan" to be displayed in Melbourne, Australia!


Gems at the Beacn

Water Outline

Duck Bath

Sunbird Portrait

"Fishtail in the Clouds" published in!

Common Kingfisher Closeup

Pelican Takeoff

Green Bee-Eater

Black-Winged Kite Eye Contact

Mountain Gazelle Stare

Rock Hyrax Eye Contact

Green Bee-Eater Couple

"Jelleyfish at Sunset" is going to Thessaloniki, Greece!

Western Yellow Wagtail Portrait

Lake Safari

Goldfinch on Thorns

Reflections on Water

Little Grebes

Dragonfly Landing

"Kingfisher at the Sea" selected to be displayed at the International Photography Convention!

"Soft Sunset" Published on "The Mirror" Website!