Seashell on the Beach

Jelleyfish at Sunset

Kingfisher Blues

"Bee-Eater Portrait" is going to Edinburgh!

Wavy Caterpillar

Mossy Rock by the Sea

Kingfisher Take-off

Stonechat on Thorns

Painting With Waterdrops

Pied Kingfisher Diving for Fish

"Painting With Clouds" published in Photography Week Magazine!

Female Common Kestrel Portrait

Bee-Eater Sideways Look

Tern Catching Fish in the Air

Cabin in the Mountains

"Incredible Himalayas" published in NPhoto Magazine!

"Dawn at Rieux" to be displayed in New Delhi!

Cactus Flowers

"Sunset at Gedor Beach" is going to Dublin!

Dragonfly Eyes

"Haunted Ship" is going to Stockholm!

Short-Fingered Gecko Portrait

"Butterfly Portrait" is going to London!

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Calendar August 2022: Double Wave

Calendar July 2022: Tern Catching Fish in the Air

Calendar June 2022: Waterlily

Calendar May 2022: European Bee-Eater

Calendar April 2022: The World in a Waterdrop

Calendar March 2022: African Queen

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Calendar February 2022: Sunset at the Beach

Calendar January 2022: Short-Fingered Gecko Portrait

Calendar December 2021: Kingfisher on a Tree

Calendar November 2021: After Sunset

Calendar October 2021: Pelicans!

Calendar September 2021: Morning Dew

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Grape Season

"European Bee-Eater" is going to Australia!

"Novi-God in a Moscow Street" published in PhotoPlus magazine!

"Zebra in B&W" is going to Birmingham!


Osprey in Flight

"The World in a Waterdrop" is going to Edinburgh!

Mossy Rock by the Sea