"Swallowing the Sun" is going to Budapest

Cheetah Yawn

Hyena with Prey

Elephant Trio

"Zebra Portrait" is going to Melbourne

Protecting the Cubs


"Bee-Eater with Catch" appearing in Johannesburg December 2

"European Bee-Eater" appearing in Stockholm November 10

"A Pair of European Bee-Eaters" displaying in Barcelona October 28

"Surprised Goose" Appearing in Barcelona October 28

"Swallowing the Sun" is going to Barcelona

"Elephant Portrait" appearing in Philadelphia September 30

"Zebra in B&W" is going to San Diego

"Surprised Goose" Appearing in Philadelphia September 30

"Church Ceiling" published in Photography Week Magazine

"Zebras in B&W" appearing in Chicago September 23

"Dancing in the Desert" appearing in Chicago September 23

Kingfisher Blues

"Pink Sunset" printed in Digital Camera Magazine

"The Bee-Eater and the Wasp" appearing in Birmingham September 17

Golden Sunset

Lamp in the Snow

"European Bee-Eater" is going to Stockholm

"Elephant Portrait" is going to Philadelphia

Incredible Morning Dew

Photogenic Bug

"Sunset at Dor Beach" is going to Chicago!

Magical Dew Drops

Sunset at Dor Beach

"The Bee-Eater and the Wasp" is going to Birmingham!

White-Throated Kingfisher on the Wires

European Bee-Eater

African Queen Portrait

Egyptian Goose Family

"Dew on Blue Flower" printed in Creative Light Magazine!

"Bee Eater Eye Contact" In Montreal August 18

Dragonfly Backlit Portrait

King of the Savannah

"Elephant Crossing" is going to Montreal

Baboon Portrait

"The Bee-Eater and the Wasp" displaying in Minneapolis August 12

Bee-Eater Kiss

Kingfisher with Dragonfly

"Bee-Eater with Catch" is going to Johannesburg

Gull at the Beach

"Dolomites Mountain Range" is going to Minneapolis!

Kudu Couple

Dragonfly Backlighted Portrait

Sunset at Dor Beach