Surprising presents of autumn

A tale of two days

Changing Seasons

Passing Through

Birds of Prey (Raptors, part II)

Time for some Raptors!

After the Holidays

Happy Jewish New Year

On my way to vacation

Israel Photography Festival - Meitar Award (2017-07-14)

Air and land (2017-06-29)

Raptors!! (2017-06-28)

Castles of Hay (2017-06-25)

There and back again (2017-06-20)

Wrapping up last week (2017-06-15)

From Cats to Scorpions (2017-06-10)

Givat-Ada wildlife (2017-06-04/05)

Near the Binyamina meadow (2017-06-01)

Fishing in Gan-Shmuel (2017-05-29)

A sunny day outside (2017-05-28)

My garden, and the fish lakes (2017-05-25)

In the fields near Givat-Ada (2017-05-21/22)

Maagan Michael, feeding time! (2017-05-18)