From Cats to Scorpions (2017-06-10)

Photo album:

Kitten peeking
A few kittens have been born near our house lately. The cutest things you can imagine.

Also, there's a brave female cat that's thinking about adopting us (that's how it goes with cats - they decide whether to adopt you, not the other way round). We've named her Cleo:

This is Cleo. She's thinking about adopting us

Doves can appear to be dull, but they are impressive up close...

Dove in flight

The other day, I managed to catch the moment a Dragonfly is laying its eggs in the water - awesome!

Dragonfly laying eggs in the water

A few nights ago we went to the sands near the Ceasaria industrial area to look for night animals. Some photos from there:

Lizard at night (with flash)

Scorpion under UV light

More photos in the album: