A sunny day outside (2017-05-28)

Photo album: https://500px.com/ilanhorn/galleries/2017-05-28

European Bee Eater has caught a Dragonfly...

Nature is so beautiful this time of year. The Bee-Eaters are in Israel to nest, and are a sight to behold. Not easy to spot, mind you, since they're small and incredibly quick, but when you do see them it's well worth the effort. They're essentially a work of art!!
The one in the picture above somehow ignored the name given to it by man and caught a Dragonfly instead of a Bee.

Barn Swallow up close
 The Swallow above let me get real close. Courageous bird! And a beautiful one, at that...

Spur-Winged Lapwing landing
Speaking about courageous birds, the Spur-Winged Lapwings merit a special mention. They're very brave when protecting their territory, often attacking larger, more powerful birds. These usually fly away, preferring to deal with milder victims. No one messes with the Lapwings!

Dragonfly in flight
I got lucky enough to get a decent picture of a Dragonfly in flight. A combination of the wonders of technology of modern cameras and lots of patience.
And, of course, an accommodating subject...

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