Air and land (2017-06-29)

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Common Tern in flight
Last week I visited the fish lakes in Maagan-Michael again. The Terns were having a field day, showing impressive aerial maneuvers which catching some unfortunate fish.

Common Tern in flight with a fish it caught

This Myna, however, was not impressed.

Myna staring
The huge amount of Glossy Ibis' were their usual beautiful selves.

Double Glossy Ibis
Later that day I went to try to catch some photos of some foxes nearby. As is common with foxes, that's a hit or miss, and I caught no single glimpse of them that day. But the Barn Swallows were flying overhead, and I even managed to catch a few photos of those, which is really fortunate!

Barn Swallow in flight

The day was nearing its end and the sunset was coloring everything in impossible colors - time to head home!

Colors of the sunset

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