Fishing in Gan-Shmuel (2017-05-29)

Photo album:

Stilts in flying formation

Late last week I paid a visit to the Gan-Shmuel fish ponds. While smaller than the fish ponds in Maagan-Michael, and less rich with birds, I still had some great encounters there.

Observe the impressive flying formation by the Stilts above - such graceful birds!

Pied Kingfisher observing the water below, looking for fish

The Pied Kingfishers were having a ball that day, putting on a very impressive fish catching demonstration. With them, it always starts with hovering above the water, using rapid wing-movement, while looking for fish in the water below.

Then they dive down quickly, splashing into the water.

Pied Kingfisher emerging from water with the fish it caught
... and emerge with an unlucky fish in their beak. So impressive!

An Egret amongst the Glossy Ibises

There were also numerous Egrets and Ibises in the ponds. And a few Cormorants. Check out the full album for more photos: