Surprising presents of autumn

The passing autumn has brought us gifts from other lands as well as below the ground.

The Pelicans are still here, but in smaller numbers. Most of them are leaving:

Pelican formation in flight

Pelican landing


The typical vegetation is emerging from the ground, changing the colors everywhere.

Winter flowers


Most of the Storks have already left for warmer climates. Only a few remain.

Black Stork

The smaller water birds, like the Black-winged Stilts are still here in large numbers.

Black-winged Stilts in water


In a recent nature expedition in our area, I had the pleasure of seeing a Middle-East blind Mole Rat for the first time. An incredibly interesting creature, it lives underground all of its life, leaving only soil mounds as signals that it ever passed through. Lucky for me, I was with a researcher who knew how to get one outside so we could observe it. Not to worry, we returned it to its tunnel in no time.

Middle-East blind Mole Rat

During this time of year, we're also blessed with raptors (birds of prey) passing above. I observed the following within less than an hour one day:

Juvenile Black Kite in flight


For a raptor lover like me, that was an incredible day!

So what do you think. Which photos did you like best in this batch? Let me know in comments or via email!