Givat-Ada wildlife (2017-06-04/05)

Photo album:

Agama on top of the world
Earlier this week I roamed the streets and fields of Givat-Ada, admiring the potent wildlife around! An Agama (above) was catching some sun at the top of the roof. Literally looked like it was on top of the world...

Woodpecker with catch
The beautiful Woodpecker was proudly presenting the insects it caught. Well, I'm not totally sure it was presenting them to me, but I took the liberty of taking a photo anyway.

Today we have a mouse in our in-flight menu:
Male Lesser Kestrel feeding on a mouse in flight
The impressive Kestrel above caught a mouse in the fields and was eating it whilst in flight!

Yellow Dragonfly
 Yellow Dragonflies, usually harder to find than their red friends, were roaming around, too.

Greater Spotted Cuckoo
And then I spotted this beautiful Cuckoo. They tend to join nests built by Crows, and have the Crows feed them. At times this becomes somewhat ludicrous, as the Cuckoos are actually larger then the Crows! But they get fed nonetheless...

More photos in the album: