Israel Photography Festival - Meitar Award (2017-07-14)

Photo album:

Leopard after hunting
Successful Woodpecker
I've submitted a portfolio to the Meitar Award of the Israel Photography Festival, which is scheduled to take place in November. Cross your fingers for me!

Male lizards only want one thing
Food is on the way, foxies!
This post is all about the 10 photos that I've submitted there. The portfolio title is "Amazing Animals". As I wrote there, I love to go out and meet the awesome animals that are all around us, be that on a safari trip in Africa or in the fields next to my house. The camera enables seeing details that are very hard to detect with the naked eye. My goal is to show these details so other people can enjoy them as well, possibly share my love and enthusiasm for these amazing animals, and hopefully nudge them towards preserving the beautiful nature around us.

Can't Bee-Eaters have some privacy?!

Oh my god!
Some of the photos you may have already seen. Some I have not yet published. Some of the older ones I have reprocessed a bit. I hope the results look good.

Terns' bad feathers day
Lovely day to lay Dragonfly eggs

This post contains all the photos in the album. There's also the customary link to the actual album, as the photos can be seen in larger sizes there, bought, etc.

Pied Kingfisher rocketing towards unfortunate fish
A romantic present to a Kestrel's sweetheart
A very big thank you to Esty, my wife, who helped me select the pictures, provided critique and suggestions for editing, and helped me select meaningful names to the pictures.

Full album below: