There and back again (2017-06-20)

Photo album:

Colorful Lizard crossing the path

The last few days have been hot, so my walks have been relatively short. I still managed to catch a few interesting animals in the frame, though.

Agame posing on a rock

This Agame was putting on a complete show. See the photo album for some other intriguing poses.

Cairo Spiny Mouse
Very early in the morning, I even managed to observe a few mammals. Including a couple of very young foxes playing with their mother. That, unfortunately, is not a picture I succeeded taking, as they're incredibly quick to hide. I did manage to photograph one of the younglings as he was peeking at me curiously.

I can see you..!

At the water reservoir, I observed the amazing Stilts again, with their fragile bodies and long legs.

A couple of Black-Winged Stilts in flight reflecting in the water

And also some Dragonflies mixing colors...

Colorful reproduction

More photos in the full album: