A Pair of Crested Larks

A Pair of Crested Larks

Crested Lark are abundant in the fields this time of year. They blend in quite well with their brownish colors, but up close their beauty is revealed. In this photo we have a pair of them that I managed to get relatively close to - they were standing on some shrubbery and didn't mind me one bit.

What do I like about this picture? The two subjects, each from a different angle. The play on similarity and difference makes the photo interesting.

What would I want to improve? The depth of field is barely enough for both of them to be in focus. They're not as sharp as I'd want them to be. For this photo I used the closest possible aperture for my lens (f/22), but it wasn't quite enough for my liking. Not sure how I would have been able to improve that, other than taking two pictures, one for each bird, and stitching them together. I'm not a big fan of this method, however, as the result is not actually a photo of the reality as it presented itself...

What do you think? Does a scenario like this actually warrant stitching pictures together?