Yin and Yang

Yin and Yang

Another photo from my Ladybug session a couple of days ago. This time I actually managed to catch a pair of them in an interesting pose. Reminds me of Yin and Yang...

What do I like about this photo? Two Ladybugs together - what's not to like? The pose is interesting and nontrivial, and the colors are beautiful. Also, the branch adds some interest to the overall composition.

What would I want to improve? This being a macro shot (from very close), the depth of field is critically important, and is barely enough here. I used my lens at its closest aperture (f/22), but more that that would have been preferable, actually. Maybe stacking photos at different focus distances would have solved this, but the bugs were not entirely static so that may not have worked out that easily either.

I really should work on my photo stacking skills for scenes like this...