Ladybug on Plant

Ladybug on Plant

This is another photo from the encounter I had a few weeks ago with photogenic Ladybugs. Here from the back, as opposed to the side poses the previous two photos had. Lots of details and nice color contrast for this beautiful insect!

What do I like about this photo? There's lots of detail, and a beautiful contrast of colors between the Ladybug, the plant it's on, and the background. The background is completely blurred out, since I used an open aperture (f/6.3, the most my lens supports at this focal length) to create a shallow depth of field. The result is that the Ladybug really stands out in the photo. I also like the composition - the location of the Ladybug, and the lines created by the plant which draw the eye towards the subject.

What would I want to change? Some more details of the head might have been nice, as would more view of her legs. More generally, the pose of the Ladybug is a little bit "trivial", not to say "boring". A more unorthodox angle would have been more interesting.

What do you think?