White Wagtail in a Pond

White Wagtail in a Pond

White Wagtails are small, energetic birds, hopping around the fields and the ponds constantly. In this photo I managed to catch one with her reflection in a pong. The red hues in the water come from fruit trees that are behind the bird, making for an interesting composition.

What do I like about this photo? The composition is nice - a black and white bird with some color added by the background, and the bird is in an interesting pose. There's also the small light shimmer in her eye, which always upgrades the picture.

What would I have liked to improve? I should have gotten lower down - a low point of view is always more impressive. I was in my car, however, so that would have entailed opening the door and potentially scaring away the bird, which I did not want to do.

Still might have been worth a try, though...