Lilac-Breasted Roller on a Branch appeared in Dodho Magazine!

Kestrel in Flight Appears in Dodho Magazine!

Red in the Face

Incoming Bee-Eater

Velvet-Spotted Blue on Flower

Dew Patterns

Bateleur Eagle in Flight

Common Tern Exiting the Water

Two Crabs Underwater

Baby Giraffe Portrait

Vulture Convention

South African Squirrel

Oryx Eye Contact

Hippo Eating

Leopard Sleeping on a Tree

Fish Eagle Calling

Elephant Babushka


Dragonfly in the Air

Giving a Speech

Damselfly in the Sunlight

Bee-Eater Closeup Portrait

Yellow Power

Dragonfly Frontal Portrait

African Queen Portrait

Housefly Closeup

Chameleon on Our Tree!

Bee-Eater - True to its Name

"Kingfisher on a Wire" is going to Athens!

Fighting over a Butterfly...

"Zebras at Dawn" was published in Dodho magazine