Kestrel in Flight Appears in Dodho Magazine!

Kestrel in Flight

Great news for me - this photo of a Common Kestrel in flight has been selected to appear in Dodho Magazine. You can find the photo here:

Common Kestrels are small Falcons, and one of my favorite types of birds. They look so impressive in the air, with incredible body control and beautiful form. This photo shows one a few seconds after having taken off, surveying the ground below for small rodents.

What do I like about this photo? The angle of view, with the Kestrel being the same height above the ground as the camera, gives a unique perspective. The light is somewhat from behind, making the outline of the Kestrel shine nicely. I used a fast shutter speed to freeze the action, so the Kestrel is sharp. I used an open aperture to blur out the background, which consists of interesting colors, but does not grab attention from the subject.

What would I want to improve? Eye contact would have been huge, and more details would also have been an improvement.