"Zebras at Dawn" was published in Dodho magazine

Zebras at Dawn

One of my favorite photos has just appeared in Dodho magazine. You can find it here: https://www.dodho.com/your-best-photo/

This photo has already appeared in my blog numerous times - it has reached quite a few exhibitions and publications in the past. I'm very happy about that, obviously!

What do I like about this photo? The black-and-white Zebras stand out against the colorful background, consisting of the green vegetation, the incredible sky, and the trees in the back. I used an open aperture (f/6.3, the most open my lens allows at this focal length) to have the Zebras in focus and the rest blurred out.⠀

What would I want to change? Eye contact with at least one Zebra would have upgraded this photo considerably, I believe. Apart from that, not much. I like this one!