Double Trouble

Turtle Close Up

Palestine Sunbird in Action

Black-Winged Kite

Sunflower in the Winter

Flamingo Overhead!

Bee at Work

Ladybug on Plant


Spoonbill at Work

Back-lighted Greater Spotted Eagle in Flight

Gull in the Mirror


White Wagtail Reflection

Bluethroat Closeup

Little Grebe Stare

Grey Crowned Crane Couple

Grey Crowned Crane

Mixed Formation

From a Kingfishers Perspective

Great Grey Heron in Flight

Common Blue Butterfly up Close

Fly Up Close

Black-Winged Stilt Reflection

Grey Heron with Huge Catch

The Glorious Palestine Sunbird

Hoopoe - our National Bird

Redshanks in Flight

Zebras at Sunrise

Young Baboon in Flight

Duck in Water

Yin and Yang