"Painting With Clouds" on show in Stockholm June 9 and in Athens June 17-19

Painting With Clouds
Painting With Clouds

Very happy to announce that this beautiful photo of the sunset at Gedor beach has been selected to be printed and displayed in two exhibitions this month:
At Galleri Kontrast in Stockholm, Sweden. Opening night is June 9.
And at Blank Wall Gallery in Athens, Greece. Opening night is June 17.

Magical sunsets at the sea are some of the most beautiful things on earth. The colors, the atmosphere, the contrast between water, earth, air, clouds, and sun, are amazing. Here I used a very long exposure to allow the clouds to move enough that they painted this incredible sky.

A question for you all - anybody want to pick up the print after the exhibition (ends June 19 at 5pm)? I'm unfortunately unable to do that, so if anyone wants to hang it in their house and can come there to pick it up, they're most welcome! You'll need an SMS from me to authorize that, but of course that could be arranged - just get in touch with me.

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