Dragonfly Triangle

Dragonfly Triangle

This time of year Dragonflies are all over the place. Wherever there's water nearby you just have to open your eyes to observe them. That being said, they're very quick and skittish, so may be hard to get a good look on...

That's where the camera comes in - you can get amazing details on these beautiful insects if you're patient enough. Like this photo, for example, where I located this incredible red dragonfly just posing on this plant, creating a perfect triangle in the process. All this with light coming from the back. Double win!

What do I like about this photo? The lighting, the colors, the amount of details. I used an open aperture to create a shallow depth of field, so the dragonfly is in focus but the background is blurred out.

What would I want to improve? The leaf on the right hiding the tip of the tail of the dragonfly is somewhat disturbing...

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