Palestine Sunbird in Flight

Palestine Sunbird in Flight

The Palestine Sunbirds are tiny, quick creates. Catching them in the frame when they're static (for a few seconds) is a treat. Catching them when in flight is an entirely different affair. Lots of planning, and some luck, required.

When we do succeed, however, the results are magnificent. The male backs shine in the sunlight in all hues between green and blue, and sometimes purple. In this photo we can see the wings fully extended, an additional treat!

What do I like about this photo? The incredible pose, with the wings fully extended and the back side fully visible and shining brightly in the sunlight. I used a fast shutter speed (1/2500 of a second) to freeze the action, so the bird is sharp even though he's moving incredibly quickly.

What would I want to improve? I should have used an even faster shutter speed (1/4000 or even 1/5000 of a second) to get the wings totally sharp as well. A fanned-out tail would be a bonus as well. A more interesting background would be total heaven :)