"Hornbill Taking Off" is going to Amsterdam!

Hornbill Taking Off

Great news! This photo of a Hornbill just as it took off is going to be exhibited in Amsterdam!

Quoting the email:
Your Photo was selected to be Digitally showcased in the "Beautiful Imperfections" exhibition at the lovely Qlick gallery located at the heart of Amsterdam, Netherlands

See GuruShots' event for more details and RSVP your date of arrival here

This photo was taken on our recent trip to Kruger National Park in South Africa. Unfortunately, one of the wings got clipped in the frame, and the shutter speed was not fast enough, so this picture is far from perfect, but a good fir to the "imperfections" theme of the exhibition :)

What do i like about this photo? The pose is dynamic, and the slower shutter speed shows the movement very nicely.

What would I want to improve? A more interesting background would help, and of course, the clipping of the wing is a pain.