Eagle and Eaglet

Eagle and Eaglet

There's cause for celebration in the Haifa Hai-Bar sanctuary - the female White-Tailed Eagle, the largest Eagle in Israel and Europe, is raising a little Eaglet! White-Tailed Eagles used to be common in the wild in Israel up to a few tens of years ago, but have since gone extinct (due to human damage, of course). Over the last 20 years there's a project of returning them to the wild - we currently have three of them out in the open, and a few more in various sanctuaries in Israel. And this year we have a cute Eaglet, which brings up a lot of hope for the success of the project!

In this photo you can see the huge mother (one of the more impressive birds you will ever encounter - their wingspan can reach approximately 2.5 meters) and the (relatively) small Egalet.

What do I like about this photo? Both the Eagle and the Eaglet in the same frame is always a winner, both showing off their impressive beaks. The size comparison is also staggering :)

What would I want to improve? They are in a cage, so sharpness suffers as I had to take the photo through the web protecting the cage. Lighting was also far from optimal, and the surroundings are somewhat artificial.