"Colorful Couple" is going to Barcelona!

Colorful Couple

Great news - an older photo that I took, labeled "Colorful Couple", showing a pair of Green Bee-Eaters on a branch, is going to be displayed in an exhibition in Barcelona, Spain!

Quoting the email:
Hi Ilan,


Your Photo was selected to be Digitally showcased in the "Your Exhibition Shot" exhibition atValid World Hall located in Barcelona, Spain

You can find GuruShots' event for more details here

Green Bee-Eaters are different from the European Bee-Eaters I sometimes post. They frequent the southern parts of Israel, whereas the European Bee-Eaters can be seen in the Center and North parts of Israel.

What do I like about this photo? The composition is beautiful, from the colorful birds contrasting against the differently colored background, and the complex tree branches providing additional interest to the photo. I used an open aperture to create a shallow depth of field, so the Bee-Eaters and the branches are in focus, while the background is blurred. This way there's good separation between the subject and the background.

What would I want to improve? There's little detail in the photo, as it was taken from a distance and cropped pretty heavily. I would have liked to be closer to be able to get more details...