Perfect Camouflage

Perfect Camouflage

While waiting to photograph the Bee-Eaters a few days ago, I noticed a slight movement on the rock to my side. If this Agame wouldn't have moved, I would have never noticed it, since it blends in so well with the surroundings! With the camera I'm able to make the Agame sharp and the background blurry, so it's noticeable, but just imagine how hard it would be to spot without this focus aid.

What do I like about this photo? The wonderful pose, with the eye contact. The shallow depth of field makes the Agame really clear in the photo, even though it blends it perfectly with the colors of the surroundings. There's a pretty good amount of detail here, too.

What would I want to improve? Getting even closer for more details would have been preferable. A bit of a higher point of view might also have helped to get more of the Agame into the photo.


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