Little Grebe in the Water

Little Grebe in the Water

A favorite of mine, the Little Grebe is a very tough subject to photograph. It swims peacefully in the water, then disappears in a split second as it dives into the water surprisingly. Then it comes out in a completely different location, so you have to find it again, refocus, and pray that it will not disappear too quickly. Again :)

Here we can see some pretty nice details on this beautiful nature submarine. Complete with the water drops on the body resulting from its latest dive.

What do I like about this photo? There's a pretty nice amount of details, and the colors really show nicely. The contrast with the water also makes the Grebe stand out. The water drops on the Grebe are a nice touch, as well.

What would I want to improve? I would have liked to be closer, to get better details. Also, I would have liked to be closer to the water level, to be able to take the photo from a lower angle, which would have resulted in a more dramatic photo.