"Goat Portrait" is going to Berlin!

Goat Portrait

Great news - this portrait of a goat is going to be displayed in an exhibition in Berlin:


Your Photo was selected to be Digitally showcased in the "Centered" exhibition at the Berlin Blue Art (BBA) gallery located in Berlin, Germany

You can find GuruShots' event for more details here


I didn't think much of this photo when I took it, as it's simple enough, and even breaks some basic composition rules (usually you do not want your subject in the middle). But something works well here. The eyes are haunting. The blurry background really makes the goat stand out.

What do I like about this photo? The eye contact, with those haunting, inhuman eyes. The "almost smile" on the lips. I used an open aperture to create a shallow depth of field, so the goat is in focus but the background is completely blurred out. This way the goat really stands out. The amount of details is huge.

What would I want to improve? Lighting could be a bit better - it was a sunny day so the shadows are really showing.