"Butterfly on Flower" is going to Berlin!

Butterfly on Flower

Exciting news - this photo is going to appear in an exhibition in Berlin!


Your Photo was selected to be Digitally showcased in the "Mostly Black" exhibition at BBA (Berlin Blue Art) gallery located in Berlin, Germany

You can find GuruShots' event for more details here
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It will be great seeing you on Thursday, May 30th from 6PM-9PM for a festive opening event. 
This is a photo I took on a sunny day in my own garden. The butterfly is tiny - maybe a centimeter long, and because the background is a bit further away it appears to be almost black (the background). This turned out to be a perfect match for the competition subject, which earned it the exhibition spot.

What do I like about this photo? There's a lot of detail here - try zooming in and viewing on a larger screen). The color contrast is also very interesting, and the sunlight lighting up the flower (and the outline of the butterfly). The composition is very clean, as well, making the butterfly (and flower) really stand out.

What would I want to improve? The background is a bit too ominous, I think. Actually getting a better green hue there would have helped the photo (but then it might not have made it to Berlin ;) ).