"Common Sandpipers Splashing" is going to Vienna!

Common Sandpipers Splashing
This is a photo where I got a lot wrong - I was focusing on these Common Sandpipers when they suddenly got scared and flew away, and my camera was still set to a slow shutter speed, so their movement makes them all blurry. That being said, it gives a nice feeling of movement in the photo.

So I submitted this photo to a competition whose topic was "imperfect pictures", and turns out it was actually liked! It got selected to be showcased in an exhibition in Vienna, Austria!

From the acceptance email:

Your Photo was selected to be Digitally showcased in the "Beautiful Imperfections" exhibition at the Hinterland Gallery located in Vienna, Austria.

You can find GuruShots' event for more details here.

What do I like about this photo? It's dynamic, showing the movement nicely. The reflections on the almost still water also add a lot. The low point of view makes the photo pretty dramatic, as well. The open aperture makes the birds (relatively) sharp and the water droplets sharp, and everything else blurred out.

What would I want to improve? A faster shutter speed would have frozen the action, which would probably result in a better photo. Wouldn't have qualified for this exhibition, though...!