Egyptian Goose Family

Egyptian Goose Family

Turns out that we have Egyptian Goose in Israel! When on a safari trip in Africa a few months ago, the guide excitedly showed us these beautiful Geese. I was not aware that they actually reside in Israel as well. Somewhat Ironic :)

This photo shows a complete family - mother, father, and eight chicks! Walking calmly near the lake, observing the surroundings. I had a wonderful time observing them peacefully yesterday. Lucky me.

What do I like about this photo? The calm atmosphere, with the family "taking a stroll" together. The pose, with the adults defending the young from both ends. The depth of field (using an aperture of f/4.0), just enough to have the entire family sharp in focus but the background blurred out. The amount of details is wonderful, as well. And there's eye contact with the adult in front, and some of the chicks.

What would I want to improve? Back-lighting (the sun in the back) would have made them glow, so would have been beautiful. A bit of a more dynamic pose might also have upgraded this photo.