Common Kestrel in Flight, take II

Common Kestrel in Flight, take II
This is a photo of the same Common Kestrel as yesterday, a split second earlier. The focus is better in this photo - you can see incredible amount of detail on the head and the wings. The obvious drawback is the sign in the bottom-right corner of the frame.

What do I like about this photo? The beautiful subject, and the incredible pose, showing the determination in the eyes and the endless wings in full spread. The background is interesting, but blurred out, as I was using an open aperture (f/5.1 - the most open my lens supports at the focal length of 200mm that I used) to create a shallow depth of field. There's an incredible amount of details on the bird.

What would I want to improve? The sign on the bottom-right of the frame should not be there.

So which version do you prefer? This one or yesterdays? Let me know in the comments :)