Black-Shouldered Kite in Flight

Black-Shouldered Kite in Flight

The Black-Shouldered Kite (also known as the Black-Winged Kite) is one of the most beautiful birds of prey. The black-grey-white coloring scheme, with the red eyes, really make for a unique and aggressive look. They have been not uncommon in Israel the last few years, permanent in some areas and even multiplying. Amazing hunters, they're great at catching rodents (and even smaller birds on occasion). Similar to the Kestrels, they can stay in mid-air using rapid wing movement. They're noticeably larger, however, so this is quite a sight to behold.

This photo shows this beautiful raptor in the air, looking at the field below.

What do I like about this photo? The aggressive pose, with the piercing gaze at the field below. I wouldn't want to be a mouse down there! The red eyes can just be made out. I used a fast shutter speed (1/2500 of a second) to freeze the action, so the entire Kite is in focus, up to the tips of the wings.

What would I want to improve? More proximity to get a bit more details would be preferable. Also, better lighting would have accentuated the eyes.