A Match Made In Heaven

A Match Made In Heaven

Time for an older picture that I took - from almost three years ago, with my old camera (Nikon P610 superzoom) - one of the first time I went to take photos at Ada river, right next to my house. The day was cloudy, so lighting was bad. I was treated to a couple of Common Kestrels, however, that posed pretty nicely (the reach of the superzoom is pretty incredible, the photo quality less so).

On the right you can see the female - a bit larger and with the same pattern on her head as on the rest of the body. On the left a male, with the grey head. The female is even making eye contact! This is one of my favorite photos, even though the quality leaves something to be desired.

What do I like about this photo? The composition is wonderful - this could be a postcard! The eye contact upgrades this photo, and both Kestrels are somewhat glowing with the light (by pure accident, I must admit - I wasn't really looking for this at that time).

What would I want to improve? The background is very noisy. A shallower depth of field might have helped here (but was not possible with that equipment), but ultimately there are just too many branches nearby. The amount of detail is nice, but could have been better, as well.