"Zebras at Sunrise" is going to be printed in a magazine!

Zebras at Sunrise
Exciting news! This photo is going to be printed in "Cameracraft" magazine.This is easily one of my favorite photos, so naturally I'm very very happy for this achievement.

This photo has already appeared in my blog and Instagram, so I'm copying my self-critique from there:

What do I like about this photo? The black-and-white Zebras stand out against the colorful background, consisting of the green vegetation, the incredible sky, and the trees in the back. I used an open aperture (f/6.3, the most open my lens allows at this focal length) to have the Zebras in focus and the rest blurred out.⠀

What would I want to change? Eye contact with at least one Zebra would have upgraded this photo considerably, I believe. Apart from that, not much. I like this one!