"Stonechat on Thorns" is going to be showcased in a magazine!

Stonechat on Thorns

An older picture I took is going to be showcased in "Photography Week" magazine! Very exciting for me :)

Initially I didn't think much of this photo, but it has grown on me after a while. The Stonechat seems somewhat pensive, reflecting on the days' events.

What do I like about this photo? It's very clean - the background is almost completely blurred out, since I used an open aperture (f/6.3 - the most open my lens supports at a focal length of 400mm), and the background was far enough from the subject. This creates great isolation of the subject, which is very sharp and interesting. The background colors add interest to the photo - it was taken in the winter and the colors show that. The thorns add a lot to the photo, so even though the bird itself does not cover a large area, the photo is still interesting.

What would I want to improve? Better lighting on the bird would have been preferable - it's a bit dark. Also, a better angle, showing more the of the head would have been nice. If I could also move the bird more to the right of the frame that would have made for a more striking photo. Unfortunately I do not have more area to the left, so that would require making the bird larger in the photo, and some of the atmosphere would go away. Would need to compose the photo better when taking it, which I did not do.

But overall I like this photo a lot!