Black-Winged Stilt Eye Contact

Black-Winged Stilt Eye Contact

I find the Black-Winged Stilts to be some of the most elegant birds out there. With their slender frame, black and white colors, long beaks, and impossibly long legs, they're really hard to beat! They feed off tiny water animals in shallow pools, and I can watch them for hours doing their thing.

This photo shows one making eye contact just as I was taking pressing the shutter button. You can see the customary drop of water at the end of the long beak, the legs, each going in a different direction, and the water being ever so slightly disturbed by the moving bird.

What do I like about this photo? The eye-contact, for starters. And the water drop. And the funny leg position. And the colors. And the reflection, of course.

What would I want to improve? A lower angle of view would have been preferable, making for a more dramatic photo with the bird standing out more.