Snow and Myriads of Cranes

Cranes As Far As The Eye Can See

Visiting Agmon Hula - a wetland in the north of Israel - is magnificent. Frequented by numerous bird species all year long, it's nonetheless most famous for the huge amounts of Cranes there: more than 100,000 pass through every year, and this year about 40,000 stayed for the winter. Watching big masses of these big birds is so impressive!

A couple of Cranes in flight


There's a Crane feeding project going on for years now, and the Cranes are following the feeding tractor happily, making their distinctive sounds as they go. They're joined by multiple other birds, including Glossy Ibises, various Ducks, Pigeons, etc.

Feeding Frenzy at Agmon Hula, with Mount Hermon in the background

There are several species of ducks at Agmon Hula as well, enjoying the wetlands immensely.

Three Common Shelducks


Turtles like the wetlands as well, of course :)

If I could only climb a little higher...

And the birds of prey are ever present, each looking for the prey it likes most.

Common Buzzard


I strongly recommend a visit to Agmon Hula almost every time of year.
What do you find most impressive at Agmon Hula? Let me know in the comments below.