Food, Glorious Food!

Female Common Kestrel catching food
Our topic for today is food. Or rather, the food the birds like.

The Kestrel from above caught some insect, then flew to the top of a pole nearby to consume it. Just look at her eyes...

Female Common Kestrel with catch


The farmers were preparing the fields for the next season, and the Egrets were very excited, looking for insects that became suddenly exposed.

Little Egrets near huge tractor wheels

The Grey Heron like fish, and are incredibly efficient at catching it. Once they open their wings they're a particularly glorious.

Grey Heron with catch


Other notable fish catchers are the Kingfishers, of course.

Common Kingfisher on a rope


Back to the yard, various gorgeous small birds can be found. The Palestine Sunbird, with its mesmerizing colors. It likes to sip the nectar from the flowers.

Male Palestine Sunbird


This time of year, the Great Tits are also flying around happily. They're incredible insect catchers, catching and consuming over a kilo of insects over a years' span. Pretty amazing, considering they're so tiny.

Great Tit

That's it for today - enjoy the beautiful nature outside! Would love to hear back from you in the comments of via email :)

Colors in the winter