Near Ada River (2017-05-14)

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Blue dragonfly in flight. One of the more challenging photos
to actually get in frame and in focus.

A couple of days ago I headed to Ada river, which is actually very close to my house, to see how the changes the nearing summer makes. I was awed by a beautiful blue dragonfly, that was flying back and forth over the water. Catching a dragonfly in flight is no easy task, but after a while of frustration I did manage to grab a few decent pictures...

Signs of the coming summer, Thorns can be beautiful...

The nearing summer was obvious everywhere. Green is being phased out and replaced by yellow and brown. Thorns are springing up everywhere.

You can still find some green around, though:

Graceful Prinia singing

This tiny Graceful Prinia was singing at the top of its lungs for a while, hopping from one plant to another. I had to remain really quiet and avoid any sudden moves to have a chance of catching it in frame.

A couple of days earlier I was in Maayan-Tzvi, near Zichron-Yaakov, and found a couple of Agama Lizards that put on a nice show while trying to grab some sun:

Agama catching some sun

You can see more pictures in the full photo album: